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You can deliver your robotic and camera equipment to us. We will repair the equipment, confirming every change with you as we go along. We will then test the equipment and once everything is working perfectly, we ship it back you. Shipping and handling is covered in the estimate.

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Welcome to Cybertech Robotics!

Cybertech Robotics offers on the job diagnosis and repairs of pipeline inspection and repair equipment in the Houston, Texas area 24/7.


Call Cybertech Robotics at 832-435-8319 to discuss pipeline inspection equipment diagnosis, repairs, rebuilding, conversions and advice, as well as schedule one of our factory trained technicians to travel to a jobsite for diagnosis and repair.

Cybertech Robotics offers services and products covering robotic crawlers, robotic cutters, Aries, Vactor, RST, Cues, pipeline camera systems, pipeline televising vans, aquatic robots, industrial computer systems, pipe inspection robotics, drain inspection robots, Vactor trucks and many industrial services.


Cybertech Robotics offers repair service for nearly any robotic system in production.

Our robotic repair team works on robotic crawlers, Aries Industries pipeline robotics and camera systems, inspection software, RST equipment, Pearpoint, computer systems in inspection services, Vactor trucks and parts, inspection equipment of all types, computers, remote control crawlers, hydraulic cameras, cutters, crawlers, swivel head cameras, underwater cameras, submersive cameras and robots, winch systems and much more.

If you are in need of robotics repair, or maybe even some suggestions to help you get your robotic camera working again, call us at 832-435-8319, or fill out our quick contact form and we will contact you back shortly.

Cybertech Robotics accepts shipments of equipment needing repairs, customer dropoffs, webcam walkthroughs, email walkthroughs and phone walkthroughs for anyone needing help with robotics and cameras.

On the job pipeline equipment repairs are offered in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Further areas may be possible if scheduling permits. Call 832-435-8319 to find out if we can get an experienced technician to your jobsite.


Cybertech Robotics Experience

All technicians of Cybertech Robotics are factory trained Aries technicians, factory trained RST technicians, factory trained Vactor technicians and have over 13 years of experience in pipeline robotic equipment and services and over 40 years of experience in electrical and mechanical diagnosis and repairs. Pipeline equipment repairs and services have been provided to large oil company pipeline equipment, the city of Houston projects, Harris County pipeline renewal projects and thousands of others in both small and large projects across the United States. Our experienced technicians can show up for pipeline equipment repairs and analysis at your jobsite. Call 832-435-8319 to get one to your jobsite. 

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